Adobe Stock: Stock Photos, Sync Service and More

As the years go by, the line between mobile and desktop has become fuzzier. Smartphones and tablets have also become powerful tools to create the best creative projects. Artists and designers have now more freedom to choose which tools suit their creative needs. Adobe, still being the number one photo-editing tool, increases the bar for stock content with its very own stock photo service – Adobe Stock.

smartphones and tablets

How does Adobe pull these two distinct worlds together?

You may wonder how the mobile and desktop world can work together. Anyone who has used Kindle on one device and picked up right where they left off with Amazon’s Whispersync surely has an idea of its importance. Adobe created its own version with CreativeSync. Creativesync allows users to create a design or illustration on mobile and continue it on desktop, and vice versa.

CreativeSync covers all files, fonts, settings, design assets and other content. Creative Cloud has been working on this for several years now and the introduction of Adobe Stock provided a way for designers to access commonly used elements from major desktop applications, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign among many others. This feature has expanded to a number of mobile solutions.

Taking Stock to a higher level

The features mentioned above are available to paying Creative Cloud members, but one product requires a separate purchase – Adobe Stock. In spite being integrated with the CC line up, Adobe Stock is an all new product that offers royalty-free content for an affordable rate. Adobe acquired Fotolia, which powers Adobe Stock (read the reviews here).

Adobe Stock photos can be accessed directly from the CC library. Creative Cloud applications allow you to drag and drop files to get a sense of how they will look like before purchasing the full version. However, the best feature of the stock photo service comes with unused credits being rolled over indefinitely. This means that you will always get what you pay for. No expiration dates.


Adobe Stock is now available in Creative Cloud applications and as a standalone website. Creative Cloud members enjoy a few benefits, which include a discount of up to 40%. Non-CC members can also enjoy the stock photo service for a slightly higher cost. The best part is you do not need to purchase the images yet to see what it will look with your project. You can just easily license the image if you are sure.

Adobe has clearly made something beautiful and convenient with Adobe Stock. Its integration with the Creative Cloud applications is a genius move, which provides CC members with the opportunity to save time and money. Gone are the days when you need to download images to your computer and open them with your CC software.