Get Getty Images Footage with a Getty Images Coupon Code

Getty Images is one of the leading stock media agencies in the market. It remains on top of the industry when Corbis announced their merge on May 2, 2016. Now, the stock media site has over 200 million premium content in its library. Creative professionals all around the world have a more comprehensive and diverse collection to choose assets from. That includes you. If you are looking for Getty Images footage, you now have a wider array of choices.


Getty Images offers creative professionals the opportunity to purchase stock footage a la carte, with and without an account at the stock site. Now, what is the difference between the two? If you have a Getty Images account, you can charge your purchases on your account to be invoiced or debited later from your credit card. On the other hand, buying without an account allows you to purchase Getty Images footage only with a credit card.

Whether you have an account or not, the clips you want to purchase will be added to your cart where you will pay through a simple online payment process. This is true with royalty free license. If you are getting a rights ready license, you will have to follow a few steps on a pop-up window. You will also have to specify your intended use to get the Getty Images footage’s final price. This process can take time. Thus, the stock media agency designed an easier and faster way.


The easier and faster way to purchase Getty Images footage is through Ultrapacks. These are pre-made packs that give you a certain number of downloads as well as built-in savings. That’s right! You don’t need a Getty Images coupon code to apply the discount at check out. You pay for the packs upfront. Then, you can download and use the stock assets whenever you want.

Ultrapacks come in different volume sizes. They are also divided in different image resolutions. What makes them better than purchasing Getty Images footage a la carte? Each pack cuts a percentage from the original individual prices. You can save as much as 30% from your pack purchases. For a 25 items pack, that is thousands of dollar-worth of savings.

Getty Images Coupon Code


Do you want to save 30% off your purchases? You can with a Getty Images coupon code. This promo code gives you 30% off your Ultrapacks purchase so you can complete your creative projects 10 times faster. If you don’t have Getty Images account, you can sign up with an Ultrapack to save $100 off a 1080p HD video. These coupons are up for grabs, so redeem them now! What are you waiting for? Purchase Getty Images footage at a cheaper rate with a coupon.

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