4 Top Reasons to Use Photocase for your Creative Projects

Photocase is a highly-curated stock photo website that provides the creative community with higher quality and contemporary images. This is probably the main reason why you should try it. Many users require various types of images. Sadly, not all stock photo agencies are able to meet their needs. If you are one of those people who need authentic images with a modern feel, then you will surely love Photocase.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider Photocase:

  1. It caters to a more unique market. photocase-unique-marketAs mentioned earlier, this website has a unique library of images. It features natural, aesthetic, contemporary and creative images to meet the specific needs of its customers. The website does not settle for ordinary pictures. It encourages contributors from around the world to provide photos with character. After all, Photocase believes that quality is superior to quantity. 
  2. It features lightboxes.


    You may wonder what these are. Actually, lightboxes are collections of photos created by users. They can be made public or private, depending on your preference. You can download several photos to it at one time. You can create two or more lightboxes and copy or move photos between them. You can use them to categorize your photos. You can also publish them and share your collection with others. You can also ask others to show you their lightboxes by sending an invite.

  3. It has an “Explore” collection. explore-collection-in-photocasePhotocase gives you an opportunity to explore library of interesting photos to be inspired. This collection includes the most popular photos on the website based on a highly complicated “awesomeness algorithm”. In short, the photos are rated based on their level of interestingness, which is calculated through likes, clicks and comments. The Explore collection can be browsed by day, month, or interesting user.
  1. It has an “I like it” button. i_like_it__buttonJust like Facebook, Photocase allows you to like a photo. The website counts you as someone who likes a particular image. If you click the “x people like this” link, you will see other users who liked the photo – again, just like Facebook. The difference is clicking the link will also show you the photos that other likers liked. This allows you to see other photos that you might like but have not seen.

There are many other reasons why you should use Photocase such as a user-friendly interface, affordable and flexible pricing, and a great search experience. But, these four are exclusive to the website. Another great reason is Photocase coupon codes. Yes! You can get as much as 25% discount on your next purchase once you register to the website. You will also get additional 3 credits, added automatically to your account. What are you waiting for? Register to Photocase and get this amazing promo now!