Blogger Problems – Where can I Buy Cheap Stock Photos?

Being a blogger isn’t just typing a wall of texts. It’s all about presentation and visual appeal that would make most Cheap Stock Photosreaders stick around, read and enjoy the content. And what way could be more efficient than using high quality cheap stock photos and illustrations?

You can literally just grab and save photos all throughout the internet but when you’re using them for commercial or even personal gain it would be wise to educate yourself about copyright laws and creative commons. To make a quick summary, you can’t just use photos from other sites while being lackadaisical about the rights of the image owners. It is the same as stealing. You either need permission to use them or buy them.

Fortunately, there are a lot of sources to obtain cheap stock photos. There are hundreds or even thousands of stock photo agencies that contribute to millions and millions of stock photo content all throughout the infinite space of the internet. But you can’t just simply pick a random or just any website for your stock photo needs. You will need to make a little research and get a good “feel” of the website before deciding on investing on pay-as-you-go credits or subscription.

Here’s what you need to consider before deciding which website or stock photo agency to invest in:

  1. Quantity – the more photos a site has in their library, the higher the chances you’ll be able to find the images you would want to use in the future.
  2. Search tool and filtering – since several sites have millions of stock photos to choose from, a stock photo site should be equipped with a competent search tool that capable of advanced search features and filtering in able to narrow down your specific keyword search results.
  3. Layout and User Interface – As the saying goes, first impressions last – and it couldn’t be truer than when looking at a website’s layout design. A good stock photo website should be user-friendly to both the regular and casual netizen. Think of it like a menu in restaurants. In order to help your customers decide which one to order, it should be organized well and look presentable. Image previews and teasers can help considerably and several websites utilize this to give both potential and current customers something to look forward to.
  4. Price – probably the most important factor. To most customers, the prices of stock photos will always be an automatic deciding factor. A lot of superb high-quality images do not come cheap but to those who have a lot of budget to spare this might not be an issue.

Here is a short list of websites to buy cheap stock photos:

  • Shuttershock – a popular site for stock photos and images as well as other content. Signing up for an account on Shutterstock will give you access to weekly free photos and other bonuses.
  • Dreamstime – has a very flexible purchasing system. After an easy free signup, you will then have access to their free selected images section.
  • Fotolia – is among the famous stock agencies that has one of the cheapest royalty free stock photos. They offer cheap subscription fees and licenses that “don’t expire”.
  • iStockphoto – utilize the credit system for their regular clients. They have an impressive quantity of content and a neat search tool feature
  • PressFoto – unlike most websites that uses credits for purchase, this site features the ability to purchase with real money without the need to convert your cash for credits.

There are still a lot more other websites to check out that offer cheap stock photos. But make sure to check quality of content and your image preferences in their library before investing in a subscription or purchasing a pay-as-you-go credits.

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